Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Bodies Need to Move

Human beings, like other animals, were designed and crafted with movement as our purpose. Before industrialization, we hunted, fished, and farmed. Our internal clocks matched the sun, especially before we had the resources to light the night.

Sitting or lying down is reserved for RESTING, not as the ways we spend our days. Modern lifestyles are so often the antithesis of the original intent, and we subliminally accept this life without giving enough consideration to the consequences. Unhappily, we respond to our bodies only AFTER we discover that something is wrong, and then we scurry to healthcare providers to treat and/or repair the damage.

While our current medical technology has given us powerful ways to treat illness and helped to lengthen life, we forget lose sight of the miracles that are bodies actually are, and of the power that we have to enhance our innate healing powers.

Consider beginning a daily practice which includes movement of some kind. Select the thing that is most enjoyable to you, select a time, and honor it with the importance that you give to your many other tasks to perform during the day. Walking is optimal, as it can be done at any pace, and then increasing that pace over time. Start with a short interval and increase it over time, aiming for 30 minutes 5 days per week.

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