Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Minutes of Magic

Fall 2013 Approaches

This year has been filled with emotion for so many - from personal challenges to strange weather in the U.S. to  chaotic situations around the world.

Overcome as many of us are, we consider outside responsibilities many times over before considering ourselves. Emotional, physical, and psychological needs are pushed to back 

burners as finance, family, and even political issues grab our attention. It is at precisely these times that we must step back and examine ourselves honestly. 

Fall is a time of preparation - we go through our houses, cleaning out old stuff. We prepare our yards for winter. We begin to slow down. But what about us? How are we truly feeling? What are we doing to take care of ourselves?

5 Minutes of Magic

That's it. Just 5 minutes. Sit on a straight-backed chair, reach your spine upward, really FEELING it release and open. Focus your attention on your breathing. Notice where you 

feel tension in your body and simply observe it without trying to do anything about it. Keep your lips together gently, without pursing them. Count 10 breaths - backward. 

Now place one palm on your abdomen - just below your navel. When you inhale, allow your abdomen to expand.  When you exhale, contract your abdomen, releasing the toxins from your body and emptying your lungs from the bottom. Once again, count 10 breaths - backward. 

Just notice how you feel. Observe your physical body, your thoughts and your emotions. 

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